“I made him appologize with 11 words”

I made him apologize with 11 words.

While walking to work along one of Cary Street’s less immaculate parts, I came across a house with about 6 or 7 guys littered across the front steps. From my first glimpse of them 100 feet away, I knew there would be catcalling. As I passed, the whole group erupted into jeers and lipsmacking – and one guy standing at the top of the stairs began miming an enormous pair of boobs on himself.
I didn’t stop – and I looked right at that guy, and said, “I know, right? I’m so jealous of you and your boobs!”
His face was PRICELESS. He was so shocked and confused, that food actually dripped out of his mouth.

And then, to my receding back, he called out, “I’m sorry!”