Mary’s Story: “You don’t know what you’re missing, Bitch!”

I was walking half a block from a parking lot in shockoe bottom to a club on 18th street. it was star wars night, so i was dressed as ‘sexy vader’ in a corset, a skirt, long gloves, and lady gaga-esque heel-less heels on.(pictured) i was holding hands with my boyfriend and crossing grace street when a guy in the passenger’s side of a car yelled out the window (as the car came to a stop, also) ‘GOD DAMN YOU ARE SO FUCKING FINE I WANNA FUCK YOU RIGHT HERE IN THE STREET! YOU WANNA GET IN THE CAR BABY?’ obviously, i laughed, because … really? he then yelled ‘YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING, BITCH!’ and drove away. i thought it was hilariously pathetic.