New submission from veronica

This happened to me when I was in a ice cream shop last year. I just felt like I should share my story because it has been bothering me for a while now. I went to go get ice cream at a small shop on the southside of town one evening on my way coming home from the city. As i was walking in a man came up to me walked right up to me and kissed me on my cheek. I was scared. He told me he had not seen me in forever. I had no clue who he was so i was assuming he confused me with someone else. I told him i do not know you. This kiss happened so sudden i did not have time to pull away it was a total shock to me. I walked inside the shop and i figured he would leave me alone once i told him I did not know him. but i was wrong. he followed me inside. I thought maybe if i just get in line he wont come up to me again but he did. He asked me how my mom had been doing and once again i told him i do not know you! he asked if he could buy me a ice cream i told him no i have money i dont need anyone to buy me anything. at this point i wanted to walk out but at the same time it was getting dark outside and i did not want him to follow me out to my car so i was really stuck on what to do. now that i look back on it i should have told someone who works there that the man was bothering me but i wonder if they would even care. anyways, i bought my ice cream and the man followed me so i just decided to sit down at a table near a bunch of people because i was too afraid to leave my car i thought maybe if i stay here long enough he will go away. he took a seat at my table and started to talk to me and i just ignored him and told him that i have a boyfriend and he was on my way to meet me at the shop. he told me he did not care and that we could be friends. I told him i dont want to be friends with him. he would not leave my table so i finally just decided to get up and run to my car. of course he followed me outside and followed me to my car. i sped off at this point and he still stood in the parking lot while i had already drove off. i was afraid he might follow me so i went to another public place and waited a while until i made sure no one was following me. I should have told someone but i was really nervous and scared at the time and was not thinking clearly because i was panicked. since that incident I have majorly limited going out anywhere by myself. its sad that i have to do this and that i can not go places alone freely like a man would be able to because i have to live my life in fear all of the time.