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“hey pretty, hey ugly”

I was on the way to my local coffee shop when a man i do not know said to me hey pretty and when i did not respond he then said hey ugly thats what i should have said the first time. Not only is this rude and uncalled for but utterly juvenile. Thanks for … Continued

“I want to fuck you”

I had been kind of sad today after visiting my terminally ill father on a rough day yesterday. So I decided to get some good food & go for a picnic by myself. Right when I’m walking to go sit down, some dude on a motorcycle with his friend starts shouting, “YOU, YOU, HEY YOU!” … Continued

HOLLARevolution: Where to Tune In!

Welcome to HOLLA::Revolution! HOLLA::Revolution is the first ever international speakers series on ending street harassment.  On July 25th, 2013, in New York City, Hollaback! will bring together leading thinkers and activists to give talks and performances on feminism, tech, and street harassment.  It’s going to be an historic event, and we want to bring it … Continued

Just a quick note

We will not approve comments to posts where the person replying to a story is criticizing who the person being harassed handled their harassment. That is NOT what this site is for. We all choose to respond to harassment differently. For some people getting angry feels right and for others ignoring the harassment is also … Continued


Come see us at these events!   April 9, 2013 at VCU in front of the commons we will be chalking with S.A.V.E.S of VCU at 7 pm for Anti Street Harassment week and April Sexual Assault Awareness month! Enjoy the beautiful weather and spread some awareness at the same time! April 12, 2013 Transgender … Continued

Transgender Safety: How a Law Can Promote Harassment

Written by Guest Blogger: Afton Bradley Often when we think of street harassment, we think one person or a group of people committing this harassment against another individual or group. We don’t often think about policies and laws which create an environment where harassment is more likely to happen. In the past few weeks, Arizona … Continued

The Bystander Effect

written by Chase F., Hollaback! Richmond Blogger It is easy when we witness street harassment to simply keep walking or avert our eyes and stay quiet, pretending everything is ok or rationalizing why we couldn’t take the time to stop and help the victim. This process of rationalizing inaction or passing on the responsibility to … Continued