Category: Verbal Harassment

“Hey big girl, can I walk with you?”

I was walking through a new neighborhood midday to see if it was any less harassy than the place I used to live. Sadly, in a 30 minute walk, I was harassed twice. Both times there were bystanders, and both times the bystanders did NOTHING AT ALL. First, on this side-street, a man on a … Continued

Jade’s Story

As I was leaving Kroger with my groceries at 9pm on a Sunday night, the parking lot is nearly empty. A man walks up out of the darkness and suddenly asks me what kind of perfume I’m wearing. I hadn’t showered because I was sick, and I was wearing gross gym clothes. I certainly wasn’t … Continued

Luna’s Story

Almost every day walking to work, I am just walking along Carlton avenue as all of the construction workers are driving to their jobs in their trucks (this is not an assumption – these are pickup trucks with the contractor business names on them and construction supplies in the back), and at least 2 or … Continued

“I’m only 14!”

(Quick comment- I live in Reston, Virginia, so this is the nearest Hollaback location to me, and I wanted to share my story with people who live near me and experience similar things, possibly even from the same people.) On a run in my neighborhood today, a man in a car passing me wolf whistled. … Continued